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T.L. Drake is a up and coming contemporary romance author. Born and raised in Cambridge, Maryland, she is a shore girl through and through. With a degree in paralegal studies, she enjoys the life of law however, her passion has always been writing. Dabbling in writing since a young age, she never considered it anything more than a hobby, until now. After writing her first novel, Heart of Stone in 2017, she was compelled to bring more of her stories to life. With a weak spot for hot alpha males and happily ever afters, her stories will bring to life fantasies you only ever dreamed of! With powerful characters that grip you from beginning to end, her books will have you begging for more.

T.L. Drake currently lives in her home state of Maryland with her husband, daughter and son as well as her two spoiled dogs. Currently she is working on a new MC series which is planned to include 6 books based around the members of an MC club and the women who manage to tame them.

Heart of Stone

Photo of T.L. Drake's first book, Heart of Stone

A year. Twelve months. Three hundred and sixty-five days. Sounds like plenty of time. Unless you’re saying goodbye.

Devastating news brings Leah back home to care for her dying mother. Leah’s sole focus is making the most of the time they have left. Her job at Stone Investments is just supposed to be a way to support herself. Catching the eye of notorious playboy and her boss, Aaden Stone, isn’t part of her plan.

And she certainly isn’t supposed to be consuming his thoughts. But his brain hasn’t gotten the memo. All he can imagine is holding her, kissing her, spending time with her. A drunken night out with his friends ends with a high stakes wager that Aaden can’t recall in the sober light of day. When he finally does remember, he’s in too deep and risks losing everything he’s been working to build with the woman who’s winning his heart.

A lot can happen in just a year— saying goodbye, falling in love, winning, losing, even melting a heart of stone.

- Wonderfully intense love story - I loved the book all the way to the end! The characters were perfect. It had just the right amount of happy/sad/sexy/excitement!

- Fantastic love story with a twist of mystery... I LOVED IT!!!! - The story was perfectly written. There was nothing that I disliked about it. Left me wanting more.

- Couldn't stop - I couldn't put it down. I thought I would read until I got sleepy, I looked up and it was 2 hours past my bedtime!! Totally hooked. It's the first book in a long time that I finished in just a few days.

Southern Comfort

Photo of T.L. Drake's second book, Southern Comfort

Sometimes perfect has to fall apart before you can find exactly what you need.

Life for Dr. Melanie Holland is damn near perfect. She loves her job, and her wedding is in a few months. But as the big day gets closer, her fiancé, Drew, gets farther away.

A chance encounter with a sexy cowboy only adds to her chaos. She fights her attraction to Beau, but when a cruel twist of fate throws her in his arms, she loses that battle.

With her life derailed, Melanie decides she needs to make some changes. New town, new job, new love. But of course, new beginnings can’t go smoothly.

Is a dose of southern comfort just what the doctor ordered?

- Another hit for TL Drake - A great book that includes a hot romance as well as pulling on your heart strings. Loved it!

- Wonderful love story - This book was an emotional, hot love story that came out of several necessary tragic events that all leads up to a happily ever after.

- Everyone needs a little southern comfort - Passionate story+ Hot love scenes+ Relatable protagonist= A book you can’t put down. Definitely recommend.

Under Construction

Photo of T.L. Drake's third book, Under Construction

Small towns, old friends, new loves, BIG trouble. Hailey Foster just wants a normal life. New to the design business, she has big dreams of opening her own studio. If she can just blow the lid off her latest project, then her dream will be a reality. But impressing her high-class boss, Anna, isn’t going to be easy. She has a reputation for being a class A… well, you get the idea.

Small towns, old friends, and new loves can lead to BIG trouble.

Hailey longs for a normal life. But between her hard to please boss and an ex-boyfriend who can’t accept the end of their relationship, her life is far more complicated than she’d like.

Add in an undeniable attraction to Jackson, the contractor on her project, and complicated becomes impossible. Hailey wants nothing more than to give into the magnetic pull she feels for Jackson. But she catches a weird vibe between the hunky builder and her boss.

When danger starts lurking around every corner, Hailey doesn’t know what to think. Has her ex fallen off the deep end? Is her boss trying to eliminate the competition? Is Jackson creating opportunities to be her hero? What’s a girl to do when her whole life is under construction?

Road Demons Book 1: Kellan

Photo of T.L. Drake's fourth book, Road Demons Book 1: Kellan

Falling for a Road Demon can only lead to Hell.


As the Demon’s VP, the club is my life. I’m loyal to my MC family, and they’re the only thing that matters to me. Until I decide to play hero to a damsel in distress. Normally, I’d use my charm to convince her to take me for a ride. But the moment I see Jenna, something about her calls to something in me. With all her secrets, she’s a complication I don’t need, but everything in me shouts with a primal urge to protect her.


A woman on the run isn’t supposed to make pitstops, let alone consider putting down roots. I know the only way to stay safe is to keep moving. I can’t afford to let anyone get close to me. It’s too dangerous for me and them. So why do I want to know more about the gruff man and his club who came to my rescue?

Can Kellan save her from the demons chasing her? Can Jenna peel away the Road Demon’s tough exterior and show him love does exist?

- Kellan and Jenna oh my! Awesome first book in the series, I loved the brothers and can’t wait to see what happens next.

- One amazing story that flows effortlessly from one scene to the next. The chemistry between Kellan and Jenna is explosive. I can't wait for more in the series.

- All I can say is hot, hot, hot!! T. L. Drake hit this first one of her MC series out of the park!!